iPAMS – Integrated Patient Acuity Monitoring System


In today’s tough financial environment, the NHS is under pressure to drive down cost and increase efficiency whilst improving patient care. The Francis report published in February 2013 has raised awareness of the effect that cost pressures can have on the delivery of a quality service. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that frontline staff are provided with the right tools and processes to meet all targets, not just the financial ones.

Albatross in partnership with Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has developed a user-friendly integrated Patient Acuity Monitoring System, (iPAMS), which delivers safety, quality and financial benefits in one solution.

What is iPAMS and how does it work?

iPAMS is a web-based solution that uses the criteria set out by the Shelford Group’s Safer Nursing Care tool (http://shelfordgroup.org/resource/chief-nurses/safety-nursing-care-tool) Acuity/Dependency Tool to measure acuity and dependency at individual patient and overall ward level in real time. It allows nurses to record acuity and transfer information quickly and effectively at the bedside up to three times a day. iPAMS monitors the level of patient dependency to enable nursing staff to ensure safe staffing levels based on the volume and acuity of patients cared for.

iPAMS data feeds also significantly enhance the accuracy of the Patient Level Costing process by integrating patient acuity information into the existing cost allocation method.

Download the brochure here

The iPAMS process – quick and easy to use

At handover, a nurse logs in to iPAMS using an iPad, Tablet or PC.

They are presented with a pre-populated web form containing up-to-date patient ward stay information. Each entry on the form is pre-populated with the lowest level of dependency on the Safer Nursing Care Tool.

The nurse will then “touch” or “click” the button that indicates the relevant level of dependency for each individual patient on the ward.

The data is immediately sent to a central data repository that can be integrated/linked to any number of hospital information systems including PLICS.

Material changes in patient acuity/dependency are notified directly to the relevant matron for investigation and action.

View the iPAMS process explained document here