Integrated Service Line Reporting (iSLR)

Unlike most Service Line Reporting systems currently available, iSLR provides complete integration with the General Ledger and allows for Actual Expenditure Information to be reported alongside budgetary data. By aligning itself close to standard financial reporting, iSLR creates a “one version of the truth” system, ensuring a high level of clinical managerial engagement.

Internal Recharging:

Patient activity records are converted into a double entry financial journal based on a set of standard tariffs where the debit will go to the customer and the credit to the provider department. For example in case of ward for each bed day a debit will be created for the relevant specialtyservice – “customer” and the credit for the ward. The process of journal creation is controlled and managed via a set of rules defined in the processor unit.

All of the patient activity information is stored in a central repository and is subject to a full set of reconciliation analysis.

iSLR takes patient activity information from a number of Source Systems. The iSLR integration engine is capable of extracting data from over 19 different data types including SQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, CSV, My SLQ, etc.

Journals are then uploaded into the Trust’s GL and reported via a GL reporting front-end andor via an iSLR reporting engine.

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Make Informed Decisions

Financial transparency to effectively manage an existing portfolio of services, prioritise new service developments, or plan new operational investments.

Manage Performance

Timely, comprehensive information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis against agreed levels of financial performance at the service line level.

Robust Planning Process

Understand the contribution that individual service lines make to the organisation’s overall financial position. Adjust budgets and targets accordingly.

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