We provide tailored consultancy for:

  • Patient Level Costing and Service Line Reporting
  • Reference Costing & Programme Budgeting
  • Data extraction (ETL) and Business Intelligence
  • Use of costing data including national benchmarking services
  • Clinical Engagement
  • PCB Deep Dive Data Analysis Service

Our consultants have a vast amount of experience in the fields of NHS Financial & Information Management. We have worked with over 200 Trusts, much of it in costing, finance and general management. We have gained a very strong reputation for customer service and delivery where we will go that extra mile to ensure that every job is completed on time and within budget. Over the years we have built up a very loyal customer base who will be happy to provide references and testimonials for anyone considering using our services.

Value Added Consultancy Services

Opportunities exist for higher value consultancy, particularly around complex analysis of financial data. Looking for unusual trends or patterns within millions of activities and costs is a complex and skilled task. We haveĀ the skills and experience to deliver cost and income analysis and benchmarking services. Other areas of expertise include PLICS, SLR, Income Management, Reference Costs, analysis of reference costs results and index score (NRCI) with recommendations for improvement.

PCB Deep Dive Data Analysis Service:

CallĀ 01925 607365.