Patient Cost Benchmarking (PCB):

"The benchmarking project has already proved its value, not only in identifying internal inefficiencies but also by enabling us to implement best practice from our peers. We are excited about the potential for further savings as more hospitals join the system."

Mr. Simon Taylor
Director of Finance
Kings College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust

"Working with the teaching and specialist acute hospitals in London, we are able to review patient level costs at a detailed level and benchmark comparative costs and activity measures, both across London and nationally. We believe that for the first time the Trusts are really beginning to understand the detail of significant cost differences, whether that’s between cost and tariff or between individual Trusts and how that relates to casemix complexity. The Benchmarking Group get to set the parameters, and are able to use the data to challenge productivity issues, as well as to support best practice tariff development and properly costed patient pathways."

Ms. Janice Fawell
Programme Manager
Project Diamond, NHS London

"Not only does the benchmarking system highlight cost differences between organisations, it is also a very useful tool in understanding variations in clinical coding and episode complexity"

Ms. Sarah Vassie
Finance Manager Income and Costing
The Christies Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Integrated Service Line Reporting (iSLR):

"The ability to efficiently manage resources is dependent on our awareness of accurate and transparent costs which iSLR provides. We welcome the introduction of this new and enhanced iSLR system as this will enable operational teams within our Directorate to understand their real operational service costs and thereby contribute to improving service efficiency."

Professor Sean Whittaker
Clinical Director
Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

"KCH were impressed with the ease of use and effectiveness of the iSLR solution developed by GSTT. We have decided to adopt this approach both in supporting the Trust’s service line management strategy and the introduction of the combined KCH and GSTT financial reporting as part of the Academic Health Science Centre. The implementation was seamlessly completed in less than a month. We look forward to working together with GSTT in further developing the system in the future."

Mr. Simon Taylor
Director of Finance
Kings College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust

"iSLR will be a significant addition to the wide range of management information employed within the trust, clinical managers will now be able to develop a clearer understanding on the financial impact of their clinical relationships with other specialties within the trust. The web based iSLR solution is an interactive, user friendly reporting facility, developed to support clinical managers in the management of their services. It gives the trust an excellent foundation on which to develop its service line reporting capabilities in the future. The integrated nature of the iSLR solution ensures that the results carry real meaning as part of formal monthly budgetary reporting. iSLR’s methodology is straightforward, aiding effective organisational engagement. The implementation phase is short & can easily be adapted to accommodate the local requirement. iSLR's reporting mechanism ensures that there is complete transparency on the detail supporting the recharge. Put simply, iSLR offers an increased level of management reporting & information, facilitating informed & therefore improved decision making."

Mr. Stephen Hobbs
Project Director - iSLR implementation
Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

"iSLR is of real value for the services the trust provides where it is difficult to work out the cost because there is no HRG attached directly to their work such as in pathology, radiology and pharmaceuticals. iSLR shows you where the income is and where the direct cost of the service is. In pathology, for example, we can see which consultant ordered which test and how many per month. We can drill down into the budget statement and see how much was spent on bandages last month and where."

Ms. Caroline Clarke
Director of Finance
Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

"The Trust has been reporting SLR information for a number of years based on the historical total cost absorption process. The ever increasing demand for up-to-date, integrated, accurate and transparent information led us to develop a new generation iSLR solution that provides real time financial performance monitoring. The solution provides budgetary and actual information; it integrates seamlessly with the Trust’s existing ledger system and delivers “one version of the truth” information to all the budget holders. By employing fully validated internal trading tariffs, we are now able to separate volume/mix related variance from efficiency variances and thus achieve clarity about where the responsibility for the variance lies."

Mr. Martin Shaw
Director of Finance
Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

PLICS delivered as a Managed Service

"We have been very impressed with the managed patient level costing service provided by IMS Health Albatross, they have delivered quality results promptly and professionally, keeping communication channels open at all times allowing my team to retain ownership and control at every stage of the process.
Moorfields chose this managed service principally to ensure that our costing process retains continuity and delivers powerful and timely insights whilst complying with evolving national costing guidance. It has also resulted in my staff no longer being bogged down by monthly data processing but increasing clinical and operational engagement."

Steven Davies
Chief Finance Officer
Moorfield Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust